Top 5 Worst Attractions in Malaga

Malaga is the city that has both the cultural background and the night life. Either you come here with your family or with your friends, there is always something to do. All you need is energy and positive thoughts. But also Malaga has some negative aspects. Here is a list of top 5 worst attractions in Malaga.

  1. Marbella & Penon del Cura beaches

If you came in Malaga to spend your days on the beach then you should avoid Marbella beach because lately it has been affected by the pollution. Penon del Cura is one of the beaches that still needs some development.

Luxury yachts in the harbor of Marbella, Spain

Luxury yachts in the harbor of Marbella, Spain

  1. Museo Picasso

Pablo Picasso is one of the greatest painters from all the times and he was born in Malaga. When people visit the Picasso museum, they expect to see a whole collection. But they are disappointed when they see that the museum doesn’t display any of his masterpieces. On Sundays you don’t have to pay any admission fees, but you have to wait a long time in line. Some people recommend the Picasso museum from Barcelona if you are a true fan of his artwork.

Fundacion Picasso, Malaga

Fundacion Picasso, Malaga

  1. Museo del Vino

There’s a disagreement regarding this museum. Some people say that it’s worth seeing it, other say that it’s a waste of time. You have to pay 5 euros admission fee. Although there are 2 levels of the museum you can visit it in half an hour. The explanations that are written on the cards are restricted. At the wine tasting, the employees don’t ask if you prefer white or red wine.

  1. Museo Carmen Thyssen

The collection of art here is not that impressive as it is in another art museums. The Carmen Thyssen museum has a few masterpieces and the rest of the paintings aren’t special or inedited. Also you have to pay 9 euros for an audio guide. Some people declared that the employees were a little bit angry and they didn’t respect their clients. It’s a small museum and it takes you 30-40 minutes to visit it.

  1. Vineria Cervantes

One of the famous restaurants in Malaga, Vineria Cervantes serves good food, but not excellent. The waiters are rude and not friendly at all. If you want a quiet and peaceful diner don’t go at this restaurant on a Friday night. It’s noisy. The waiters don’t show you a wine list and they usually recommend the expensive ones. Sometimes, you have to wait for a while until your food is served.

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There are some attractions in Malaga that you must see and other that aren’t so unique or remarkable.