Do you know the disadvantages of owning a Timeshare?

Comments of the disadvantages of owning a Timeshare like RCI and our recommendations for luxury traveling.

In its beginning Timeshare was probably, along with franchising, one of the most revolutionary concepts of its time. But as good as Timeshare sounds, it comes with a set of disadvantages. However, if you prefer luxury hotels or all inclusive resorts go to Luxury Resort Guide’s website and check their vacation deals.

The whole idea is to buy one single week and never pay again. But it is here where the first problem arises, would you really like to travel to the same resort every year for the rest of your life? Maybe it’s a resort you love and you say to yourself: “No problem, I love coming here”.

So then the industry made some changes, now you can buy Timeshares on a resort that is part of a group of resorts, and they offer you the advantage to travel different places. But is it really that great?

Even if your resort is allied to others, are they resorts from around the globe? How many resorts can you really choose from? And did your read the small print?

Timeshares are highly expensive, regardless of the timeshare membership you own, you will be charged with an annual fee at around $700 usd year, and it doesn’t matter if you use your week or not. Can you afford this?

And above all this, more often than not, there are common restrictions with timeshares: blackout weeks, no chance to travel more than one week a year. And did you remember the advantage to travel different places? Well swapping comes with a lot of difficulties, and sometimes swapping resorts comes with a high cost.

And what happens if you would like to give your friends or family and great present and send them away to travel for a week? Well, that means that you won’t be able to travel in the same years as you just blocked your week.

If you are fine with all the restrictions owning a timeshare comes with, then definitely a timeshare membership is the way for you.

But not everything is black when it comes with traveling at low prices… is now time for our recommendations.

Imagine a travel membership that didn’t had any of the disadvantages a timeshare has.

A membership that allows you to travel fifty-two weeks a year. A membership that lets you choose your travel destination from over 5,000 resorts around the world, that include golf resorts, ski resorts, family resorts, in fact all the type of resorts you can imagine. And it includes cruises!

A membership that didn’t have annual fees, maintenance fees or any kind of annual fee.

The wait is over, because this membership has arrived. This membership is taking the travel industry by storm and is making the timeshare industry shake.