Cheap Holidays to Peloponnese, Greece

The Peloponnese was actually part of mainland Greece until the Corinth canal artificially separated the two of them . It is the southernmost part of the Greek mainland and is a peninsula rather than an Island . The Corinth Canal was constructed in 1893 making the Peloponnese appear as an island. To my mind the Peloponnese resemble an outstretched hand at the end of mainland Greece .

You will find much history and culture here if that is your thing . This area of Greece has such a long and vivid history you could not possibly enjoy it all in just a fortnight .

The coast has a Mediterranean climate and lovely scenery but lacks sandy beaches , if that is your thing .Depending where you are staying you can enjoy the sea, water sports, fishing, diving and sea excursions . The interior of the Peloponnese is mountainous and rugged with a slightly cooler climate .In winter the mountains are great for skiing and climbing . As such the Peloponnese are a great all year destination .

The Peloponnese has a different feel to the Greek Islands as it is more like mainland Greece . Due to it’s proximity to Greece a hop over there can be relatively easy . Maybe you would prefer to hop over to Zante or Zakynthos one of the nearby Ionian Islands .

So if you fancy a taste of Greece with a twist try the Peloponnese . You will find a varied choice of great accommodation ,many interesting and ancient sites to visit , pretty villages and the chance to explore a more traditional Greece and it’s way of life .