Lublin is the largest town in Eastern Poland and the administrative and cultural center of its region. The Old Town of Lublin has preserved its medieval urban layout with its cobbled streets, many churches, burgher houses and gates.

 In the middle of the old town Market Square can be found the Old Town Hall, which was built in the 16th century and was the royal tribunal. Today the building has a Classicist façade and houses the Museum of the Crown Tribunal.

Lublin’s old town was defended by fortified walls during the Middle Ages; the Kraków Gate is the only remaining part of the former medieval town wall. The tower houses the Historical museum of Lublin. The Lublin royal castle stands on the hilltop, at the edge of the old town. The castle area’s most prominent buildings are the Holy Trinity chapel with the unique Russo-Byzantine frescoes and the castle tower, both built in the 14th century.

It is worth taking a tour to the Open Air Museum locating in the suburbs of Lublin where old rural architecture and collections of artifacts from the region are presented.

Lublin Old Town 

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