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Anchorage Beach Resort4

Does your fantastic holiday comprise stirring to a charming Arizona wasteland sight of soaring cacti and antique stones? Or is it as exotic as a comforting day spa contained by the verdant woods of the Santa hill? True harmony can be received at these exotic beaches. While you envisage your eventual holiday, discover the stimulating poise of intelligence, stiff, and courage at the Golden Door Spa, presenting life-changing curriculums motivated by antique Japanese viewpoint. (more…)

Cheap Holidays to Peloponnese, Greece

The Peloponnese was actually part of mainland Greece until the Corinth canal artificially separated the two of them . It is the southernmost part of the Greek mainland and is a peninsula rather than an Island . The Corinth Canal was constructed in 1893 making the Peloponnese appear as an island. To my mind the Peloponnese resemble an outstretched hand at the end of mainland Greece .

You will find much history and culture here if that is your thing . This area of Greece has such a long and vivid history you could not possibly enjoy it all in just a fortnight . (more…)

Destination Weddings: Choosing a Caribbean location

If you are planning for the family getaway this holiday, Caribbean is one of the best destinations that one could think about ensuring a soothing and exciting break. Caribbean family vacations are in great demand because of the year-round gorgeous weather, stunning beaches, energeticsport along with other activities, lively nightlife and above all pleasing culture and friendly people. (more…)

Hiking in Ladakh

Mantangale Alibuag Dive Resort is probably the Philippines sought after beach and dive resort. It is regarded as one of the countrys most beautiful spot. Mantangale Alibuag Dive Resort is situated south of Bohol Sea and Camiguin, bearing the name being Asias best house reef dives, home with many coral diversity and gifted with all the oceans bountiful and mysterious, beautiful fascinating creatures.  (more…)

Do you know the disadvantages of owning a Timeshare?

Comments of the disadvantages of owning a Timeshare like RCI and our recommendations for luxury traveling.

In its beginning Timeshare was probably, along with franchising, one of the most revolutionary concepts of its time. But as good as Timeshare sounds, it comes with a set of disadvantages. However, if you prefer luxury hotels or all inclusive resorts go to Luxury Resort Guide’s website and check their vacation deals.

The whole idea is to buy one single week and never pay again. But it is here where the first problem arises, would you really like to travel to the same resort every year for the rest of your life? Maybe it’s a resort you love and you say to yourself: “No problem, I love coming here”. (more…)




Warsaw, situated on the Wisla (Vistula) River, has a population of 1,7 million, and is Poland’s capital as well as its cultural and industrial centre.

One’s basic impression of Warsaw today is that of a modern city; the historic old-city was razed to the ground during the dreadful destruction caused by World War II. Following the war, the buildings of the old-city – including the Royal Palace – were individually reconstructed; as a result of this exemplary work, this section of the city was placed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Warsaw Royal Castle 

Warsaw’s main attractions can be found near the old-city’s Market Square; these are the Royal Palace, the round “Barbakan Bastion”, and the Gothic style St. John’s Cathedral. The so-called “King’s Way” connects the Royal Palace with the royal family’s summer residence – the Lazienki Palace; the route is lined with middle-class dwellings, churches, mansions and museums.

Amongst the museums, the Warsaw History Museum deserves special mention; besides the exhibits relating to the city’s history, there are also astonishing documents, dealing with the wartime destruction and subsequent reconstruction of the city, on display.

Warsaw Royal Palace 

Rising from the city’s centre, the Palace of Science and Culture is Warsaw’s tallest building; a wonderful panorama can be enjoyed from its 30th floor.

In addition to the above, one can experience Warsaw’s sparkling cultural life by visiting the old-city’s numerous cultural institutions, museums, galleries and entertainment centres.

Warsaw Presidential Palace 



Located in the north-west portion of Poland, on the Oder River, Szczecin is an important port and north-Pomerania’s largest city.

Szczecin’s old-city contains numerous monuments. The former Pomeranian ducal castle functions today as a cultural centre. The “Seven-Coats” Bastion dates back to the 13th century.

The Gothic style St. Jacob’s Cathedral is one of the city’s most imposing buildings. Of the former buildings in the Stary Rynek (Main Square), the Gothic style town-hall, and, on the opposite side of the square, the Gothic style house of the banker Lociza, are still  standing. Szczecin is also an important sport-centre for sailing enthusiasts.

Szczecin Pomeranian Dukes Castle 



Sopot is located in the northern part of Poland, on the southern coast of the Baltic Sea, in the Eastern Pomeranian region. Along with the cities of Gdansk and Gdynia, Sopot is part of the so-called Tricity (trojmiasto) metropolitan agglomeration.

Sopot is a charming holiday center, seaside resort and spa town. Sopot has many fine villas from the 19th and 20th centuries which were built in the Art Nouveau or eclectic style. The main pedestrian area is ul. Bohaterów Monte Cassino that leads visitors to Poland’s longest pier (511m) and the sandy beach.

The Northern Baths were built in 1907; these are good examples of old spa buildings in Poland. Sopot is also known for its International Song Festival, which is held in the Opera Lesna. In summer period, there are a great number of sports and cultural events in Sopot.

Sopot. Northern Poland




Situated on the Vistula River, Krakow is Poland’s richest city in terms of the number of its historic sights and monuments – at the same time it is one of the most beautiful and charming cities of Central Europe.

For more than 500 years, Krakow served as the country’s capital and as the royal residence; with a population approaching 800 thousand, the city today is Poland’s centre for the arts, tourism and culture.

The historic centre of the city is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, and with its 6000 monuments and forty museums, it won the title of Cultural Capital of Europe in 2000. Several million tourists visit the untouched medieval city-centre every year.

Krakow Wawel

Krakow’s most spectacular tourist attractions are the main square of the historic city centre (Rynek) and the monuments to be found there; the Mary (Mariacki) Church; the “Cloth Hall” (Sukiennice); and the tower of the town-hall, which rises above the main square.

The Renaissance style Royal Castle (Wawel), sited on a hill next to the Vistula River, is considered to be one of Europe’s most attractive royal residences. The protective walls of the city, with their bastions and gates, can still be admired today in their original Middle-Age splendour.

The Kazimierz district, in the eastern part of the city, has great historic and cultural importance, as it was formerly the Jewish Quarter; the Jewish Cultural Festival is held here every year in June and July.

The system of cellars located under the historic city centre serve today as café’s, bars, restaurants and display-rooms, endowing Krakow with its own special atmosphere.

Mariacki Church in Krakow